I'm a senior developer working on Karaoke software at Muvika Ltd :)

I believe in crossplatform technologies such as HTML5 & Unity & QT!

Professionally these technologies enable awesomeness for the programmers using them and in my opinion improve the world while they do it, whats not to like! :)

This is my face

I'm a 32 year old married soon-to-be-dad guy from Finland, thanks for visiting my corner of the Internet, I hope you enjoy your stay! :)

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PC, Mobile & IoT

I think exploring smart things to do with mobile devices through crossplatform development techniques has a lot of potential and I'm glad we're exploring that potential @ Muvika Ltd :)

Solid Design

Real Teamwork

Focused Iteration

Software Development and Me

Design, teamwork and iteration - when executed properly - can spawn outstanding products and I specialize in these three things as a developer. Continuous integration, test driven development with proper preproduction and ultra focused, limited iteration create awesome results.

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